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Site Rules

Rules for ACBay Auctions

Auction Expectations

1) Auctions should be priced at a reasonable price. Users should bear in mind not all users have lots of bells. Reorderable items should not be placed at more than 100k per item. Sets should be no more than 1 million starting bid. DLC items should be no more than 100k starting bid.

2) Please make descriptions and pictures of auction items as clear as possible. Ensure the description of the item closely relates to the item itself and is accurately described. The description should include whether it is reorderable or not; whether it can be customised at retail, and whether it is rare or common.

3) The auction picture is not compulsory but if it is included, it should clearly show the item.

4) Do NOT auction hacked goods. This includes cheated goods which are not officially out on game. Also, do not sell items which you do not have. Only sell items which you have readily for the end of the auction. Be prepared for an unexpected buyout and/or sale.

5) Do not use racial, offensive or sexual content in auction descriptions or images.

Safe trading

1) When carrying out a sale or trade, post the items in the flea market space of retail so no bells are left on the ground. This ensures a quick and safe payment with guaranteed transfer of the money. Remember to only save when the items and bells have all been successfully transferred. It is best to close the gate when trading.

2) If you have a bad experience trading with someone on ACBay Auctions, please leave reputational feedback for them. You can do this by logging in to ACBay and clicking the Reputation link on the top right panel. This also warns other users about past experiences. It can also show how good trades have been too.

Site security and privacy

1) Do NOT give your login details to any other users of the site.

2) Do NOT use a single account for multiple players. The feedback one receives is for one player, not a group of players; nor is the account.

3) Do NOT have multiple accounts for one person. If you forget a username or password, contact ACBay support.

4) Do NOT give out personal details such as phone numbers or home addresses. Country information is allowed on the forums. Anyone posting personal details on either forums or auctions will be warned.

5) Do NOT swear or use any foul language or racial terminology. Any users found being offensive to other users or using language which is not acceptable may be banned temporarily or permanently suspended if repeatedly violating rules.


1) All uploaded content for the ACBay YouTube Channel must not be monetised.

Last Updated: 19/12/2015

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